600mg Delta 8 Gummy Bears


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20ct. 600mg Delta 8, 30mg Per Gummy Bear

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Satisfy your craving and sweet tooth with these classic D8 Gummy Bears!  600mg of D8 (with 20 pieces per jar) each piece contains 30mg of Delta 8 THC for maximum effectiveness.  This combination of sweet and sour is sure to please adult consumers. Smokeless treats, like these D8 gummy bears, are a great way to maintain optimal wellness naturally—a mildly euphoric product sourced from organically farmed hemp. Take your taste buds on an adventure.


It can take 30 minutes or more to experience the initial onset, with the effects lasting up to 8 hours or more. We recommend starting with 1/3 of a piece due to the potency of these D8 gummies. Do not drive a car or operate any machinery after consumption. Store your cannabis products away from pets and out of the reach of children.


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