Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend- 2ml Disposable Vape Pen-Forbidden Fruit


(Forbidden Fruit) – HHC, D8, CBD, CBG, THCv -2ml Disposable Vape Pen


High on energy and low on anxiety, mouth-watering flavor, the highest-quality extract on the market. Forbidden Fruit is a tantalizing cannabis strain that will make your taste buds water. This hybrid features an exotic blend of flavors, including sweet tropical fruits and rich earthy undertones. If you’re looking to enjoy a delicious fruit-flavored cannabis strain, Forbidden Fruit is a great choice. Mellow Fellow’s NEW da Vinci’s Clarity Blend fuses Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Terpenes, HHC, D8, CBD, CBG, and THCv to bring a connoisseur vaping experience that is perfect for your active lifestyle.

Additional information

Weight 44.35 g
Dimensions 5.58 × 2.54 × 14.60 cm


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