Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend – 2ml Cartridge Duo (4ml) – Durban Poison & Kush Mints


(Durban Poison & Kush Mints) THCv, HHC, D8, CBD, CBG – 2ml Cartridge Duo (4ml)


Durban Poison (sativa) and Kush Mints (hybrid) are the perfect strains that transcend a balanced yet energizing high. Durban Poison has a dank, sweet smoke, and herbal taste with a clean, crisp, and slightly minty finish. Kush Mints (hybrid) has a full earthy, almost spicy taste with lingering flavors of citrusy zest and refreshing mint. Get this Duo pack today! You won’t be disappointed.

Black Cartridge: Durban Poison

Clear Cartridge: Kush Mints

Additional information

Weight 52.45 g
Dimensions 5.71 × 2.54 × 12.7 cm


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